Vivid landscapes to come alive in Vinita Karim's show

New Delhi


 Vinita Karim, an artist professing nomadic lifestyle, has in her upcoming solo show captured vivid landscapes ranging from the sand dunes of Egypt to islands of the Philippines and the ghats of Varanasi to rivers of Bangladesh.

"Magical Musings" will be open from Tuesday at Shridharani Gallery in Triveni Kala Sangam till December 12, after which it will move to Gallerie Ganesha in Greater Kailash in the city, and will be on display for public viewing till January 5 next year. 

The artist was born in Myanmar and educated in Sweden and the Philippines. She gives expression to the changing surroundings around her in paintings, sculptures and installations. 

"My father was part of the Indian Foreign Service and I have lived in over 10 countries. 

"I am like a sponge who has absorbed everything around me yet I consistently link back to my roots in India," said the 55-year-old, who is inspired by Austrian landscape artist Hundertwasser. 

Her richly coloured canvases depicting layer upon layer, the artist said, are "not just pretty pictures" but "living landscapes".

Gallery Ganesha informed IANS that the upcoming show of vividly coloured landscapes will present a total of 34 paintings and maintained that no image in "Magical Musings" is an exact replica of any one city. 

"Her abstract cityscapes invite the viewer to enter them and inhabit a world with a pure golden sky, deep reds and blues shaping a rolling sea, festively coloured buildings, and a thin cloud stretching endlessly across the sky. 

"Karim paints her joy: the dream-like quality of her cityscapes reveals the beauty and grace she finds through both adversity and success," the statement added. 

Karim has lived and worked throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. She currently resides between Dhaka and Delhi, and has 24 solo exhibitions to her credit, including those at India Art Fair, Dhaka Art Summit and Sikka Art Fair (Dubai). 

She has earned a diploma in Fine Arts from Gerlesborg Art Institute in Stockholm and a Master of Fine Arts from University of Philippines in Manila. -IANS