The Weekend Leader - Mel B's ex husband hits backs at her

Mel B's ex husband hits backs at her



Filmmaker Stephen Belafonte has denied his former wife Mel B's claim that he was abusive during their marriage. He has advised people not to believe anything the singer says.

"Don't believe a word I say. Don't believe a word Melanie (Mel's original name) says. All I want you to believe is the evidence," Belafonte was quoted as saying by

Regarding Mel's allegation that Belafonte was the reason why she was hospitalised in 2014, he said she was on drugs which damaged her body.

"She was partying, doing tons of coke in London and she damaged her body. She was doing pills, coke, and she was on a bender for like three/four days straight," he added.

The couple, who married in 2007 and stayed together for 10 years, haven't been on talking terms since filing for divorce in 2017. They share a seven-year-old daughter named Madison Brown Belafonte.-IANS

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