The Weekend Leader - 'Tiger Matters' a documentary detailing conservation launched

'Tiger Matters' a documentary detailing conservation launched

New Delhi


In an effort to conserve tiger habitats, the Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) on Wednesday launched a documentary detailing the key actions needed to secure the future of tigers and local communities.

'Tiger Matters' - a conservation documentary launched together by WCT and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) here highlights the critical linkage between tigers, forests, river systems and humans needed to advance our ecological and economic security.

"The film details the intricate and interwoven actions to secure the future of tiger habitats and local communities," WCT said in a statement.

An estimated 3,500 wild tigers remain worldwide and India is home to approximately 65 per cent of them.

Dr. Anish Andheria, President Wildlife Conservation Trust said, "The tiger is a keystone species and its survival is crucial to the ecological as well as the economic security of India. Over 600 rivers originate or are fed by the tiger bearing forests of our country, which in turn ensures the sustainability of millions of Indians."

"Tiger conservation is nothing but conservation of healthy ecosystems and free-flowing rivers," he added.

The film launch is part of a joint program by WCT and USAID, executed in close cooperation with the forest departments of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

"The programme aims to strengthen protection efforts within and outside the boundaries of tiger reserves through a holistic 360 degree approach to conservation," a WCT statement said.

"Research, under the programme, showed strong evidence from motion sensor cameras that there is a robust tiger population outside the boundaries of protected areas in need of protection," it added.

Post-screening of the documentary, Dr. Mary Melnyk, Environmental Security and Resilience Team Leader at USAID, said, "Tigers are the golden thread of biodiversity in the fabric of all our lives. The journey in conservation is a long one and we are committed to walk every step of this journey with the aim to ensure that generations after us have a healthy environment."-IANS

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