The Weekend Leader - Modi government is overcentralised, inefficient: Tharoor

Modi government is overcentralised, inefficient: Tharoor



Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Saturday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for running an overcentralised and inefficient government.

"The country is having an overcentralised, top-down and inefficient government at the centre," he said here, adding that India is having the most centralised PMO in history.

In the upcoming polls, the Congress will come up with various alliances, both before and after the elections, and parties will collectively decide who would be the most acceptable face, he said.

"The big difference between any such government and Modi government is that Modi is a one-man government. He is a hero on a white stallion with upraised sword saying I know all the answers and will solve all your problems. That is the style of leadership Modi incorporates.

"Alternative is that the bunch of guys on foot saying we do not know all the answers but will ask you what are the questions that you have and we will work with experienced, qualified and capable people to find answers to your questions," he said.-IANS

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