The Weekend Leader - Mahesh Bhatt devastated by Vinta Nanda's #MeToo story

Mahesh Bhatt devastated by Vinta Nanda's #MeToo story

New Delhi


Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt wonders why veteran writer-producer and his friend Vinta Nanda didn't confide in him about getting sexually violated by actor Alok Nath, known for his "sanskaari" on-screen image.

Nanda, writer-producer of the ahead-of-its-time 1990s' show "Tara", has accused Alok of sexually violating her almost two decades ago. She shared her experience through a long, heart-wrenching Facebook post. 

Asked for his reaction, Bhatt told IANS: "She is a friend. I am quite devastated... We have sat down and she has spoken about her personal issues, financial issues and her relationship problems and never brought this out. What was it that was keeping her (from talking about it)?"

"By saying 'Why are you saying it now?' I am not doubting her. I am saying, 'Why didn't you tell me?'. When Mallika Sherawat said somewhere that she was being solicited by men when she was working, I said 'Why didn't you tell me. You should come and tell me everything about what's happening'.

"I am just curious. I am not saying that you are (Nanda is) lying," added Bhatt, who was here to promote his forthcoming film "Jalebi". 

Nanda recounted the experience, sharing that Alok raped her after she left a party at his house at 2 a.m. She says her drinks were mixed and she was sexually violated.

Bhatt's wife Soni Razdan tweeted: "Oh Vinta Nanda, so sorry you had to deal with this all alone so many years ago. Can anything be done? What is unacceptable is the fact that the channel did nothing to protect the girl in question amounting to the most abject callousness on its part. Things really need to change.

"And I wish you would file an FIR as well."- IANS

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