The Weekend Leader - Hip-hop artist Anik Khan to tour India

Hip-hop artist Anik Khan to tour India

New Delhi


Dhaka born and New York-based hip-hop artist Anik Khan will be on a three-city tour across New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai from October 11-13 as part of beer brand Bira 91's Freeflow where musician-actress Monica Dogra will also perform.

Bira 91 has announced the third edition of FreeFlow, a campaign that places its focus on hip-hop and hip-hop subcultures in India and globally.

From rap to b-boying to graffiti and fashion, the event aims to become the one-stop resource for all things hip-hop in India, said a statement.

Drawing from his Bengali roots and his upbringing in Queens, Anik has emerged as a unique voice in the hip-hop realm. He has emerged as a fresh, notable talent with his first release "I Don't Know Yet" in 2015. It was his critically acclaimed 2017 EP "Kites", however, that firmly cemented his presence: both in the hip-hop scene, and as a voice representing "the other" in the US. 

With his latest single and music video "Big Fax", he continues to spit fire at outdated immigrant stereotypes, albeit with a pinch of humour and irony.

Joining him on the tour will be Monica Dogra, an American musician and actress of Indian origin. 

Anik and Monica will be joined by DJ MoCity here, playing a unique DJ set alongside the capital-based hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut and newcomer Roy. - IANS

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