Sulabh makes 7 former manual scavengers ombudsmen

New Delhi


In the wake of the parliament passing the bill against manual scavenging, Sulabh International Monday appointed seven women, who till recently were involved in cleaning human waste, as ombudsmen.

Treated as "untouchables", the women will be giving their decision in matters related to illegal employment of manual scavengers when the bill is enforced. It will also deal with complaints related with "untouchability".

"It is an effort to bring these people to the top strata of the society," said Sulabh founder Bindeshwar Pathak.

"Passing the law is a most important thing -- but it is important that such workers do not face discrimination and inequity in the society after the implementation of the law," he added.

In an attempt to provide the 70,000 volunteers it has across the country with a better life, Sulabh is imparting them with skills like sewing, making food items etc.

"We are happy that we are leading a better life and don't face inequality in the society," said Sunita, one of the seven woman.

Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and Their Rehabilitation Bill, 2012 aims at elimination of dry latrines and manual scavenging and the rehabilitation in alternate occupations of those engaged in this task. - IANS