Sophos launches new server protection solution



Global cybersecurity major Sophos on Monday introduced a new server protection solution called "Intercept X for Server" that comes with predictive deep learning technology.

Attacks reaching servers can be more devastating to a business than attacks on endpoints, due to the critical data they hold.

"Servers are the bullseye for cybercriminals because they store valuable information and have a broader, system-wide organisational purpose than individual endpoints," Sunil Sharma, Managing Director Sales for Sophos India and Saarc, said in a statement. 

"An entire company could get potentially wiped out if cybercriminals infiltrate its servers with ransomware or malicious code, or exploit vulnerabilities to gain access. Once breached, attackers can get deep in the network and have the ability to do some serious damage," Sharma added. 

The need for server protection exists in organisations of all sizes, with smaller businesses being potentially at more risk than larger, better resourced enterprises.

Sophos said the new Intercept X for Server significantly advances server protection with deep learning, anti-exploit and other key technology elements. 

Once deployed, the model constantly updates and identifies critical attributes resulting in more accurate decisions between benign and malware payloads, the company added.- IANS