Tripura's blanket ban on plastic carry bags



Tripura has imposed a complete ban on the manufacture, import, storing, transport, sale and use of plastic carry bags in the state in view of its hazardous effect on the environment, an official said here Wednesday.

"Under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, the Tripura government has imposed the complete ban on the production, import, storing, transport, sale and use of plastic carry bags," Tripura State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) chairman Mihir Deb told IANS.

A public notification was issued here banning the plastic carry bags.

Deb said: "For any violation of the ban, the authority would impose a fine of Rs.1 lakh or jail for a maximum term of five years or both."

In case of any violation of the government order by any institution or by any industry or by any shop, the TSPCB would issue closure order and would also issue order for disconnection of electricity of that institution or industry or shop.

"The government has been observing that the plastic carry bags are littered around and pose a detrimental effect on the environment," Deb said.

"The plastic bags also block gutters, sewers and drains, resulting in unhygienic environment and health-related problems," he added.

According to him, aquatic and terrestrial animals die after consuming the plastic bags. He added these bags arrest the recharging ground water aquifers while harmful chemicals and plastic colours contaminate the soil and water and choke the organisms.

"Irresponsibly trashing of the plastic bags also affects the growth of roots, plants and creatures which causes long-term effect on ecology and environment," Deb observed. - IANS