29 killed as floods ravage Bangladesh



At least 29 people have died in the last few days in floods caused by heavy rainfall in Bangladesh, officials said.
The floods have affected almost a third of the country, said Reaz Ahmed, Director General of Bangladesh's Disaster Management Department, on Tuesday.
"So far, we have received news of 29 deaths since August 12 and three people still remain missing," Ahmed told Efe news.
Almost a third of the country's territory (20 out of 64 districts) was flooded and another six districts were heading in that direction, he added.
Around 90,000 people were evacuated to 1,151 shelters while 1.6 million were affected by the floods, according to the official.
In June, 18 people died in northeastern Bangladesh in another set of floods, according to the agency.
Located in the Ganges delta at little altitude above sea level and with a fifth of its territory covered by rivers or their tributaries, Bangladesh is struck every year by floods sparked by monsoon rains. - IANS