Withdraw troops from Doklam: China tells India

Gaurav Sharma   |  Beijing


China on Wednesday said 53 Indian soldiers remained in Doklam and asked India to pull them back.

The Foreign Ministry told the Global Times that 53 soldiers and a bulldozer from the Indian side remain in the Chinese territory as of Monday.

"India should withdraw its troops and equipment. Regardless of how many Indian troops have trespassed into and stayed in Chinese territory, they have gravely infringed on China's sovereignty," the ministry said.

Last week, China said 48 Indian soldiers were present in Doklam. China has been insisting that India withdraws its troops from Doklam where both sides have been locked in a nearly two-month stand-off.

India is for a simultaneous withdrawal from Doklam, which, it says, belongs to its other neighbour Bhutan. Beijing says the area belongs to China and has asked India to stay out of its dispute with Bhutan.

The crisis began in mid-June when the Indian Army prevented Chinese troops from building a road in Doklam.- IANS