The Weekend Leader - An IAS officer,  Ujjwal Uke, turns guru to help others realise their dreams

An administrative officer turns guru to help others realise their dreams

Kavita Kanan Chandra   |   Mumbai


Vol 1 | Issue 1

Sixteen strangers - an eclectic mix of students and professionals - embark on a three day journey in search of positivity. To guide them is Ujjwal Uke, the positivity teacher, who helps them discover what each of them was looking for in life.

As they all get on board – a conference room of a South Mumbai hotel, to be precise - the captain - an erudite Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer in his early fifties - promises to fulfil the desire of every participant in the positivity camp.  “I call it the technique of getting what I want. First I explain the theory and later teach its application in life to achieve one’s desires,” Uke says.

Uke unleashes the dormant potential in individuals by bringing positivity in their lives. Uke feels that the conscious mind has created a lot of limitations for people, hindering their growth. One should learn to command the subconscious mind to embark on a path to success.

Lifting spirits! Positivity guru Ujjwal Uke in action

Once the introduction of participants gets over, there is a palpable excitement as they feel the positive vibes in the room. Parshva, a teenager, wants more positivity in his life, but S Sakpal dreams of huge profit in his business. Aims differ but the common goal is to rewrite the script of one’s life to make it more effective, efficient, happy and peaceful.

Uke starts with explaining the five senses  and the subconscious mind. He explains the analogy with a mobile phone that could be switched on and off. By pressing the numbers we give a command to the mobile that has been programmed to obey. The analogy is true with the relationship between the conscious and subconscious minds. Similarly the commander gives the command which the driver at the controls in a war tank follows. The analogy extends to Ramayana where Rama (consciousness) instructs Hanuman (subconscious) for action.

Using his technique developed through years of reading and research, Uke teaches how to give direct positive commands to wake up the latent subconscious mind, which he says to command the genie.

An alumnus of the prestigious St Stephens College and IIM Ahmedabad, Uke changed schools several times, living in different cities. Currently posted as the MD at Maharashtra Cotton Federation, it was his experience at the helm of large organisations that made him design and develop systems by which anyone can change the course of his or her life.

He says that the voice of conscious is the beliefs and values we grow with that say what not to do. “Intuition is the voice of subconscious that says what to do. We should always listen to our intuition. We have imposed too many restrictions on our conscious mind; let it relax to find solutions to our problems.  Many times when we struggle with a problem and give up, solutions emerge. Everyone has a belief system and there is a link between belief and fulfilment of wishes. If we have negative feelings then something bad would happen. Most of human miseries and diseases originate in the mind. We are scripting our own life and the important thing is to change the script of life. For this we have to practice forgiveness, not carry the baggage of past, erase negative feelings and remove excessive fear."

Uke outlines the grammar syntax to exercise one’s mind.  He says one has to give direct commands to our subconscious. The statement has to be positive. There is negative connotation if we say we don’t want sadness.  Instead the statement should simply be, ‘we want happiness’. It should be in present tense, stated with clarity and faith, and either you give a command or leave it to the subconscious.

On the second day of the camp, the participants learnt how to use these sentences to command their genie. The third day is for one-to-one interaction with Uke, in which participants shed their past negativity. It is a counselling session to help people live a life with positivity using the technique devised by Uke.

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