The Weekend Leader - Celebrate life, here and now

Bhupinder Singh


Vol 0 | Issue 1

Life celebrates every moment
don’t miss the dance
don’t look for fireworks in the sky
Life celebrates all around you in secret ways

The smiling kids
the dancing fountains
the wrinkles on the old man’s face
from ages of laughter

The hand that holds your finger with love
the waterfalls in wilderness
the butterflies on the flowers
the floating clouds on the blue canvas
the ocean waves splashing the bare feet

All this is nothing, but celebration of life!

So what you wait for poor man
for life is passing by you as you ponder

Celebrate life every moment
you have it all, the love, the smiles and the hugs

Open your heart to see, receive and give love
you deserve it
for you are special and have it all

Lift the flute to your lips
to sing the songs of love and dance

Tap your feet to the beats of your heart in love
clap your hands to invite the angels

Dance, sing, smile and love to celebrate life !

Bhupinder Singh is an emerging poet and writer born in India. He is currently residing in Windsor, a small Canadian town 

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