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Naam Thamilar’s Seeman condemns attempt to gag The Weekend Leader



Vol 2 | Issue 50

Naam Thamilar, a political party founded by film director, Seeman, has condemned The Times of India’s attempt to gag The Weekend Leader with threats of legal action for publishing an article on Malayalee journalists working in the English media in Chennai.

The Times of India issued two legal notices over the publication of the article, “Raising emotions, falling objectivity, the truth behind Mullaiperiyar coverage in Chennai newsrooms,” in The Weekend Leader.

Seeman's Naam Thamilar passed a resolution supporting The Weekend Leader

The first notice dated 6 December 2011 sought removal of the article from the website within 12 hours, an unconditional apology and a compensation of Rs One Crore. The second notice dated 9 December 2011 increased the demand for compensation to Rs One Hundred crore.

In a resolution dated 15 December 2011, a copy of which is with The Weekend Leader, Naam Thamizhar condemned the “Malayalee dominated Times of India” for threatening The Weekend Leader.

When contacted Seeman said he found nothing defamatory in the article. “In fact, it is The Times of India that has to be sued for several hundred crores of rupees for publishing articles hurting Tamil sentiments,” he said. – TWL Bureau

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