Lokpal - one among many ways to fight corruption: Nilekani

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Vol 2 | Issue 33

The Lokpal bill which is before parliament is only one of the many ways of tackling the menace of corruption, said Nandan Nilekani, chairperson of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

"I think if we want to do something about corruption, we have to do it in a much broader manner, where the Lokpal bill just becomes one of many things (tackling corruption)," said Nilekani in a recent interview to CNN-IBN channel.

"I'm very much for removing corruption, but to say that this is the only way to do is very impractical." (Photo: S Radhakrishna)

"I'm very much for removing corruption, but to say that this is the only way to do is very impractical," he said referring to activist Anna Hazare's demand for a stronger anti-corruption bill.

Parliament would decide on the shape of the bill and the protesters should work through that system, Nilekani said.

Corruption happens when people try to avail benefits like subsidised grains and pensions, he said.

"That is where an Aadhar ID comes in," he said referring to the unique identification the UIDAI will provide to every Indian citizen.

In the battle against corruption, the country needs more reforms, said the former chief executive officer of IT bellwether Infosys.

The need is to create more choices for the people for a variety of services, he said.

Nilekani explained that there was big ticket corruption when the state interfaces with business for large resources and land. "And there is the small ticket or retail corruption where millions of people interact with the state...."

Hazare has been demanding a Jan Lokpal bill which includes the prime minister, higher judiciary and the conduct of MPs inside parliament within the ambit of the Lokpal (ombudsman).

The government's Lokpal Bill, 2011, which was tabled in parliament, lacks these provisions. - IANS

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