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Ground prepared for Mahinda Rajapaksa’s tryst with destiny

P C Vinoj Kumar   |   Editor


Vol 2 | Issue 15

The long awaited moment of justice is at hand. It may take a year or two, or even a decade or more, but the arm of justice has just stretched out, and it will hunt the man, even if he takes shelter under the wings of regional powers or invokes the mantra of patriotism to mobilise the masses in the streets of Colombo.

It is too late to change the script. The plot has thickened, and the stage set for a happy ending. The villain will be held accountable for his war crimes and crimes against humanity.

No power on earth can save the man, the man accused of killing thousands of innocent civilians in the name of a war that was fought with the most unfair means, and without witnesses.

A tell-all photograph (Photo Courtesy: Save Tamils Movement)

The ball has been set rolling to secure justice – justice for the innocent blood spilled and limbs severed, for the thousands of orphaned children, whose cries were hushed up by a conspiracy of silence of the pens.

No longer will the blackout work. The issue has gone beyond the subcontinent, beyond the scope of those who manipulate news in India, and beyond regional geopolitics.

Even if China or India or any other power may use its influence to stop the wheels of justice from rolling forward, move it would, slowly or in spurts, till it achieves its intended purpose.

Empires have fallen. Mighty men thought to be invincible are crumbling before people’s power. These are mere reminders that justice would finally catch up, keeping its time with destiny, a time pre-appointed for everyone.

Listen, Mahinda Rajapaksa. The Damocles’ sword is now over your head. The countdown has begun. Justice cannot be subverted in the streets of Colombo, by mobilising your thugs and goondas, to whom you may be a hero.

The three-member United Nations Expert Committee that investigated all those allegations that the world has been hearing about your banana republic has submitted its report, which understandably is not to your liking. The Committee has advised the UN Secretary- General to set up an independent mechanism to monitor the Sri Lankan government’s investigation into the various allegations – of civilian killings, disappearances etc – related to the final days of the war with the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) in 2009.

Knowing what kind of an investigation your banana republic is capable of conducting, the panel has also suggested the Secretary General to “conduct investigations independently into the alleged violations.”

The game is up, Rajapaksa. It took nearly two years for the ghosts of Mullivaikal to make their presence known. They will continue to haunt you till they receive justice.

The moment you dread deep down in your heart is drawing nearer. You gave it away when you said you were prepared to go to the gallows to save your motherland on hearing about the UN report. Smart man you are; you can see the writing on the wall?

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