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Allow public inspection of Kudankulam plant: Aruna Roy

New Delhi


Vol 3 | Issue 41

National Advisory Council (NAC) member and activist Aruna Roy Thursday demanded that the government should explain as to why activists were not given information on the safety of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant.

"Why can't the government allow a public inspection (of the nuclear plant)... they can allow a group of 20-30 people inside the plant. What is there to hide about a power plant," Roy said while hearing complaints on the Right to Information here.

The government’s refusal to share the safety report on Kudankulam plant has angered activists (Photo: Antony Kebiston Fernando)

The activist also expressed the fear of nuclear radiation affecting the people living near the nuclear plant.

Roy's comments came after an RTI activist from Kerala said that the information on the safety report of the plant was denied by the government.

"We had submitted an RTI application to get information on the environmental impact study, site evaluation report and safety report of the plant. Initially, we were only given the environmental impact report.

"Later after the information commission's intervention, we were given an incomplete site evaluation report of 12 pages," said Abey George, an activist from Kerala who is associated with the anti-Kudankulam protests.

"The safety report has still not been given," he said.

"An RTI is denied only when there are security issues," Roy said.

Kudankulam nuclear power plant is being built in Tamil Nadu at the southern tip of India and close to Kerala border.

Locals and activists have been protesting against the power plant, citing safety issues and loss of livelihood to the fishermen living in the plant area. -IANS

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