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Growing Organically

Software engineer Madhu Chandan quit a thriving business in the US and returned to India to take up organic farming in Karnataka’s Mandya district. Today, he works with 1,200 farmers and owns a Rs 25 crore turnover retail chain, says Bilal Khan

On Cloud nine

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Aravind Arasavilli quit his high-paying job in the US and returned to his hometown Vijayawada. Nine years later, he is the owner of two companies with a cumulative turnover of Rs 30 crore, says Sofia Danish Khan

Red Ripe Mangoes

A farmer from a village in Madhya Pradesh is cultivating mangoes that are sold at Rs 2.5 lakh per kg in the global market. His income is expected to skyrocket once the Miyazaki variety mangoes start yielding in thousands, says Sofia Danish Khan

The Price Warrior

Prabhu Gandhikumar dived into the soft drinks business, a field dominated by giants like Pepsi and Coca Cola, but he targeted consumers with low-priced products and has built a Rs 35 crore turnover business in just five years, says Usha Prasad

Music to Ears

From installing coffee vending machines at MNCs to starting a lighting company, and then manufacturing musical instruments and building a Rs 85 crore turnover company, Siddharth Jhunjhunwala has come a very long way, says Sofia Danish Khan

Fortune in field

From a struggling salesperson in Mumbai, working for a salary of Rs 5000, he turned to selling vegetables and has built a Rs 2.5 crore turnover company. Today, Umesh has come a long way indeed and is providing jobs to many people, says Bilal Khan

Let Justice Prevail

Countries like France, Germany, and Sri Lanka that have been guilty of genocide need to not only acknowledge their odious crimes of the past but also pay economic reparations on time in its true sense and spirit of expiation, agues Vasanth Adithya