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Conceiving Maternity Brand

Starting in Coimbatore with Rs. 60,000, Deepika and Thiyagarajan built 'Putchi' into a Rs. 5 crore maternity brand. Shyla F traces the couple’s journey from an Instagram start-up to a thriving brand with 30 employees and offering over 900 styles

Intimate Indulgent Idylls

Explore enchanting luxury resorts across India for your romantic escape. From Jaipur's royal Oberoi Rajvilas to Ananda's peaceful Himalayan retreat in Rishikesh, these resorts offer unmatched luxury, wildlife adventures, and intimate experiences

Designed for Excellence

Born in a small Maharashtra village, Dadasaheb Bhagat overcame early struggles to work in Infosys as an office boy. With interest in drawing from childhood, he trained in animation, building his own Rs 1.8 crore turnover design firm, says Bilal Khan

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Honcho of Hope

Embarking from a Rs. 7,452 monthly salary to commanding a Rs 1 crore CTC, Mahesh Krishnamoorthy's journey reveals a saga of resilience. Bilal Khan traces the corporate honcho’s rise from a humble one-room house in Thane to leading Core Integra

Donkey Milk Delight

Raju Joseph invested Rs 15 lakh to start his unique donkey milk business at Musiri in Tamil Nadu with seven donkeys. He now produces various products including soap, lip balm, and amulets, and has achieved a turnover of Rs 1.5 crore, says Shyla F

A Village Hero

Hailing from a UP village, Raj Yadav, its first software engineer, has built two companies with a combined turnover of over Rs. 100 crore. His firms not only provide jobs to many youths but also positively impact countless farmers, says Bilal Khan

Champion of Change

Deep within Kerala's verdant forest, Dr. Manju Vasudevan is merging tradition and enterprise to uplift tribal communities, reviving crafts like 'Kannadipaaya', and promoting sustainable livelihoods using local forest produce, says Rama Devi Menon

Nuts about Business

Starting with Rs. 4,000, Maria Kuriakose built a business transforming discarded coconut shells into utilitarian and decorative items such as bowls, and candle holders. Her business has now touched a turnover of Rs. 1 crore, says Rama Devi Menon

Journey to Riches

From Kerala's rubber plantations, Aby Dominic ventured into Mumbai's corporate world before starting his own business with Rs 15 lakh. The exhibitions company he started with two people has now achieved a turnover of Rs 80 crore, says Bilal Khan

Milky Mist Cheese