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Rising Laundry Legend

IIT graduate Arunabh Sinha faced a setback in the early days of launching UClean, his laundry brand, but bounced back to achieve a Rs 100 crore turnover in just six years. Despite facing challenges, he built a thriving laundry empire, says Shyla F

Riding on Dreams

Ishan Gupta grew up in the small city of Aligarh immersed in his family's bicycle distribution business. Later, he chose to chart his own path with three friends and set up a tech startup, whose turnover has touched Rs 15 core now, says Bilal Khan

Soaps to Riches

Kruthika Kumaran, a young Coimbatore-based housewife, turned her homemade soap for her daughter into a thriving business, Vilvah. Starting with about Rs 8,000-10,000, the brand with 70+ products now boasts a turnover of Rs 29 crore, says Bilal Khan

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Greetings from Archies

From selling song books and posters of popular actors in a Delhi store, Anil Moolchandani built Archies into a pan-India brand that became synonymous with greeting cards, which is now being led by his son Varun Moolchandani, says Sofia Danish Khan

Monk Turned Entrepreneur

A young MBA graduate, who spent about a year and a half living like a monk in an ashram in Rishikesh, returned home bowing to parental pressure, got married, and today owns a toy and stationery brand with a turnover of Rs 120 crore, says Shyla F

Care for Elderly

Rahul Misra, a businessman, established Vesta Elder Care in 2018 after recognizing a lack of quality elder care in India while finding professional caregivers for his ailing mother. The company has touched a turnover of Rs 3.5 crore, says Anvi Mehta

Branding the Burger

Born into an army family, and sent to a residential army public school at age 13, Kabir Jeet Singh was expected to join the army, but he went on to start a burger brand that’s grown into a Rs 60 crore turnover burger chain, says Sofia Danish Khan

Passion to Profit

Manisha Monga, a former media professional, has transitioned from reporting to fashion designing. She took a leap of faith and pursued her passion for design, ultimately creating her own label with a turnover of Rs 50 lakh, says Chaithra Srinivas

The Paper Queen

Poonam Gupta launched her paper trading company in Scotland as a single person from her home office in Greenock in 2003 with just a desk, chair, computer, and telephone line. Today, it has grown into a Rs 800 crore turnover company, says Shyla F

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