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Wellness through Ayurveda

Quitting his well-paying job, Prashanth Vastred teamed up with Dr. Yamuna, his wife and an Ayurveda doctor, to launch Guduchi Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic healthcare brand, in 2019. Today, the business has touched a turnover of Rs 17 crore, says Shyla F

Partners in Prosperity

Indian couples turning entrepreneurs together is trending. From personal care brand Mamaearth to savings app CashKaro, these partnerships prove love and business go hand in hand. These dynamic duos are setting new benchmarks in their industries

Digital to Natural

Former IT professional Sandeep Chaudhary launched Amyra Farms on a 100-acre land in Chikmagalur in 2022. Cultivating coffee, vanilla, pepper and more, the farm has achieved a turnover of Rs. 9 crore in less than two years, says Chaithra Srinivas

Trending Now

Legal Help Online

Shreya Neeraj Sharma, a Pune-based young lawyer, launched Rest The Case in 2021 with Rs 4.5 lakh. This innovative online platform that connects people with lawyers across India has touched a turnover of Rs 1.5 crore in just two years, says Shyla F

Business of Warmth

Entrepreneur Bhavna V's idea on a Swiss trip with her family led to Warmee, unique body warmers that require no electricity or hot water. Starting with a Rs 2 crore turnover in 2013, her business now makes Rs 15 crore annually, says Bilal Khan

Dream to Dynasty

Rohit Tandon's journey from a hotel front office to co-founding Fraterniti Foods with Karan Makan is a tale of grit and success. Starting with Yummy Tummy, he launched China Box and Zoca, scaling the business to a Rs 150 crore empire, says Shyla F

Tides of Conservation

Lake restorer Anand Malligavad, who rejuvenated 80 Indian lakes, received the prestigious 'The Weekend Leader – VIT Person of the Year' award. Presented by VIT Chancellor Dr. G Viswanathan, the award celebrates Anand’s water conservation work

Harvesting Digital Growth

Drawing from their common interest in agriculture, Shashank Singh and Bhuvnesh Gupta created Poshn, a digital agritech platform. Their digital platform, aiding farmers and traders, soared to a Rs 510 crore GMV within three years, says Bilal Khan

Defying Odds Together

In Kerala's Alappuzha, Girija Madhu transformed kids with Cerebral Palsy into a formidable football team. Overcoming financial struggles, she trained them by mortgaging her gold jewellery, and led them to success in major tournaments, says Shyla F

Milky Mist Cheese