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Let Justice Prevail

Countries like France, Germany, and Sri Lanka that have been guilty of genocide need to not only acknowledge their odious crimes of the past but also pay economic reparations on time in its true sense and spirit of expiation, agues Vasanth Adithya

Zero to Hero

23-yr-old Rajan Nath from Silchar, Assam, launched a venture to help postal employees prepare for their promotion exams and built an edtech company that earned him a revenue of Rs 35 lakh with zero investment in just 10 months, says Usha Prasad

The Mountain Girl

Hailing from a remote village in the hill state of Uttarakhand, Geeta Singh grew up in the small town of Meerut. At 25, she started a PR agency with Rs 50,000, which has now grown into a Rs 7 crore turnover company, says Sofia Danish Khan