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Health to Wealth

Due to his family’s financial struggles, Deepak Sahni started a computer hardware business at age 19 with Rs 2 lakh. He later founded a preventive care lab chain that has transformed Indian healthcare with a turnover of Rs 240 crore, says Shyla F

Prosperity through Lending

Growing up as an army brat to becoming a serial entrepreneur with a cumulative turnover of Rs 120 crore, Neha Juneja’s entrepreneurial spirit birthed IndiaP2P, a platform that uplifts rural women via a novel peer-to-peer lending model, says Shyla F

The Tycoon?s Journey

Mukesh Ambani's journey, from modest beginnings to owning one of the world's costliest residences, encapsulates the quintessential rags-to-riches narrative, epitomising the Indian dream of success against all odds. Khimi Thapa recounts his story

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Decking up Digitally

Starting with Rs 10 lakh, Amit Nigam founded Bankit, that’s now become a Rs 150 crore digital payment firm, revolutionising digital finance for India's bottom of the pyramid with accessible banking services and easy account openings, says Shyla F

Tycoon from Tollygunge

Emerging from a lower-middle-class background in Tollygunge, Kolkata—a hub for Bengali cinema, Subrata Roy founded businesses in the fields of animation and tech-based learning, collectively achieving a turnover of Rs 93 crore, says Partho Burman

Eggspanding Family Legacy

Stepping out of the shadows of his father’s egg and poultry feed business, SKM Shree Shivkumar, started an egg processing plant in the then small town of Erode, which now exports to 23 countries with a turnover of Rs 650 crore, says Usha Prasad

Ballooning Profits

Two friends working in the same office saw a business opportunity while organising a birthday party and started a party décor business with Rs 27,000. In three years, they have expanded to 30 employees with a turnover of Rs 11 crore, says Shyla F

Seasoned with Salt

Shashi Bahuguna Raturi transformed her love for mountain cuisine into a successful business by launching Namakwali, a Himalayan salt brand. Started with just Rs 1.5 lakh, the venture hit a turnover of Rs 50 lakh in just four years, says Rama Devi Menon

Crafting Wooden Dreams

Hailing from the small town of Sardarshahar in Rajasthan, Raghunandan Saraf transformed his family's furniture business into a successful Rs 340 crore online brand. Rooted in his values, he employs over 200 specially-abled individuals, says Shyla F

Milky Mist Cheese