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Woman of Steel

When Soma Mondal took charge as the Chairman of SAIL in 2021, she became the first woman to occupy the top position in the organisation. The organisation has grown tremendously under her leadership and achieved a turnover of Rs 1 lakh this year

The Play Boy

Siddharth Kushwah launched an online gaming business with Rs 10 lakh in 2012 to provide in-App currency for several popular international games. Today, the Indore-based company has an annual turnover of Rs 12.38 crore, says Sofia Danish Khan

Fragrance of Love

Ashutosh Gautam and Money Walia, who fell in love with each other in college and later got married, launched a car accessories online business in Sep 2019 with Rs 20,000. In two years, their brand YourKarts has touched a turnover of Rs 3.75 crore

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Taste of Ghee

After working for around 23 years in the corporate world, Nitya Ganapathy called it quits and launched Nei Native, a ghee brand made out of her family’s secret recipe with Rs 5 lakh. In a little over a year, she is making Rs 10 lakh per month

Naturally Yours

VP Sidhan, founder of Medimix, went around town on his bicycle promoting his product. Today, his grandson is taking the family legacy forward, strengthening the Medimix brand and launching his own Ayurvedic beauty startup, says Sofia Danish Khan

A Suitable Man

India-born Shakti Anand Srivastava runs a successful bespoke tailoring store called ‘Stava’ in Canada. Sofia Danish Khan tells the story of how he built the brand from scratch with a unique business model of getting the clothes made from India

Ready to Fly

In early 2020, close friends Prachi and Aditya quit their jobs on the same day, got married later and the same year launched a ready-to-cook food brand with Rs 10 lakh. Prachi recounts her story of how a girl from a village became an entrepreneur

Being of Help

During the pandemic many tried to save their jobs amidst the nationwide layoffs, but not Vineet Saraiwala who quit his high paying job and launched a startup to create livelihoods for persons with disabilities, not caring about his own disability

The Flashing Pan

Sundeep Singh and Akashdeep Dan came together in 2018 and launched ‘Uncle Peter’s Pancakes’ from a cloud kitchen in Bengaluru with an investment of Rs 3 lakh. In three years, the brand has grown and touched a turnover of Rs 11 crore, says Shyla F

Milky Mist Cheese