Vol 11 Issue 14, Apr 03, 2020 - Apr 09, 2020.

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Tell us what you feel about The Weekend Leader.com’s Positive Journalism by posting your comments on the Feedback page. We value your feedback. The best feedback will be posted here.
  • Divya Dubey

    I like the idea, and hope you'll maintain it. Have stopped reading newspapers since I find them most depressing.
  • Thomas Arun

    Today I read a positive story of a doctor saving a girl from coma by using music therapy which he found from internet. This really excited me and I was literally inspired to do something big. So I think TWL's positive journalism will inspire all to do something good.
  • Faraaz Kazi

    Journalism is like a science of humanity but unfortunately today, humanity as a value itself has taken our leave. There are so many negative aspects in the articles, I come across. Yes, they are depressing and make us think what the world has come to. But that is not the end. Positive journalism stems from the truth and honesty which I believe The Weekend Leader is capable of performing even in today's era. Hoping to read positivity in a negative era.
  • Wednesday, April 08, 2020