Motivational Video
Vol 7 Issue 30, Jul 22 - 28, 2016
Green WarriorsUnsung Heroes
Two accused arrested in Bihar Dalit assault case 20:16 ( 23 Jul 2016 )
Soldier killed as army foils infiltration in Kashmir 20:14 ( 23 Jul 2016 )
Traders refuse to meet Rajnath in relatively calm Kashmir 20:10 ( 23 Jul 2016 )
Various functions to mark Mukherjee's four years as president 20:08 ( 23 Jul 2016 )
'Delhi Police framing AAP leaders in false cases' 20:05 ( 23 Jul 2016 )
61 killed in Kabul suicide blast, IS claims responsibility 20:00 ( 23 Jul 2016 )
Modern Indian artist S H Raza passes away 19:58 ( 23 Jul 2016 )
No signs of missing IAF plane 19:54 ( 23 Jul 2016 )
Rescued Indian aid worker returns to India 19:52 ( 23 Jul 2016 )
Over 3,500 women officers in armed forces 20:27 ( 22 Jul 2016 )
India, Mexico approve 14 joint projects in science & tech 20:22 ( 22 Jul 2016 )
Congress questions govt silence on China's Kashmir comment 20:17 ( 22 Jul 2016 )
Kejriwal meets Dalits, says attackers had official backing 20:15 ( 22 Jul 2016 )
AAP leaders defend Mann 20:12 ( 22 Jul 2016 )
IAF plane with 29 aboard missing, search on 20:08 ( 22 Jul 2016 )
Civilian killed in fresh violence, Rajnath to visit Kashmir 20:07 ( 22 Jul 2016 )
AAP MP posts video of Parl security checks on social media 20:08 ( 21 Jul 2016 )
CAS upholds ban on Russian athletes 20:05 ( 21 Jul 2016 )
Gopal Namjoshi unveils inspiring tribute to Kargil War heroes 20:00 ( 21 Jul 2016 )
Passengers off-loaded as suspicious bag found on Amritsar flight 19:56 ( 21 Jul 2016 )

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The Lead Star Digital Issue
adyar bakery
Mentoring Tamil Nadu

Popular Stories

Child teacher

A follower of Swami Vivekananda, Babar Ali started a school under a guava tree, when he was just nine years, at his village in West Bengal. The young headmaster, 14 years later, tells G Singh how people accused him of proselytism initially

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Traffic tamer

To prevent an accident, similar to the one that killed her daughter, 59-year-old Dorris Francis has been regulating traffic since last six years at the spot where a car rammed their auto. Partho Burman profiles the braveheart from Ghaziabad

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Wheeling food

Jaideep Sarin recounts the story of Radhika Aroa, an MBA graduate, who quit her corporate job to set up a roadside food cart serving homemade food in Mohali with an investment of Rs. One lakh

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Cool relief

Overhearing a home tutor’s physics lecture to his son, Ashis Paul of Grey Dhaka designed a cooling devise, bringing relief to poor Bangladeshis reeling under heat without power, says G Singh

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Sworn benefactor

At the funeral of his brother in 1963, Deo Kumar Saraf swore not to let poverty-struck people die due to lack of medical care. Today, his Anandalok group of hospitals challenge corporate hospitals with their affordable charges, says G Singh

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Nostalgic ride

A last vestige of colonial era, an antique train with wooden coaches still chugs on India’s only private railway line in Maharashtra. Narendra Kaushik traces the journey of Shakuntala Express

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Flattening a myth

Dispelling the long held belief that flat-footed persons cannot excel in sports, Dipa Karmakar has become the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify for the Olympics. Partho Burman tracks the bumpy road the Tripura athlete had travelled so far

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River revival

Noyyal, the river that fed the fertile western Tamil Nadu, is today polluted and dry most of the time. To rejuvenate the dead Noyyal, Vanitha Mohan is on an eco-mission. P C Vinoj Kumar profiles her on the occasion of World Environment Day

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Wigs of compassion

A cancer patient’s elation over the wig he had made for her changed Marishetty Kumar’s life.  The wigmaker who made wigs for actors now sells his creations for a discounted price to those who lose hair due to chemotherapy, says Usha Prasad

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Water winner

The ups and downs of B M Balakrishna’s life are linked to water. Starting as a car washer, he went to sell water pumps and then founded a RO plant. S Sainath meets the owner of Rs 20 crore Aquapot that is set to double its turnover this year

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