Thinlas Chorol - Person of the Year 2014
Vol 6 Issue 12, Mar 20 - 26, 2015
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Court rejects Salman's plea to ban media during recording of statement 20:18 ( 27 Mar 2015 )
President confers Bharat Ratna on Vajpayee at his home 20:17 ( 27 Mar 2015 )
India should be energy independent : Modi 20:11 ( 27 Mar 2015 )
Bhushan, Yadav tried to sabotage AAP 20:07 ( 27 Mar 2015 )
Land bill unacceptable, Sonia Gandhi tells Centre 20:01 ( 27 Mar 2015 )
Criticism continues but BCCI defends Indian team 19:58 ( 27 Mar 2015 )
In AAP, it is now war 19:57 ( 27 Mar 2015 )
SRK reveals his first salary was Rs.50 21:08 ( 26 Mar 2015 )
Lucknow teenager shoots self after father bans Facebook chat 21:00 ( 26 Mar 2015 )
AAP says Bhushan, Yadav have quit; they deny 20:56 ( 26 Mar 2015 )
Two Bangladeshis held for Bengal nun gang-rape. 20:51 ( 26 Mar 2015 )
Dhawan's dismissal was the turning point, says Dhoni 20:48 ( 26 Mar 2015 )
ABVP protest turns violent, nearly 100 injured 20:27 ( 26 Mar 2015 )
Australia send India packing from World Cup 20:23 ( 26 Mar 2015 )
'Co-pilot deliberately crashed Germanwings plane' 20:19 ( 26 Mar 2015 )
Now you can book your train ticket 120 days before travel 00:07 ( 25 Mar 2015 )
Cricket-crazy Kolkata readies for India-Australia semis 20:15 ( 25 Mar 2015 )
No new taxes in Tamil Nadu 2015-16 budget 20:09 ( 25 Mar 2015 )
Gangster arrested for planning to kill industrialists 20:06 ( 25 Mar 2015 )
India asks its nationals to leave 'fragile' Yemen 20:04 ( 25 Mar 2015 )

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adyar bakery
Mentoring Tamil Nadu

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Cool retreats

As summer sets in and the quest to find a salubrious getaway begins, if it is the well known beaten names that cross your mind, Renuka Singh suggests seven quiet and offbeat hill stations that are not too far from places that you might know

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Educator extraordinaire

When Rajesh Kumar Sharma went to see how Metro Rail work was progressing near the Yamuna station, he realized that poor children had no school to attend. So he set up ‘Under the Bridge School’. Partho Burman meets the educator extraordinaire

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Green cobblers

Inspired by a man making sandals out of used tyres in the US, Jay Rege and Jothsna came to India to turn eco-conscious shoemakers, launching ‘Paaduks’. The social entrepreneurs also share their profit with their cobblers, says Rohan Potdar

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Sandy wonders

If the word Goa evokes just images of raves, read on, you may end up in the land of sandy wonders soon. For, Renuka Singh’s list of the top 10 beaches informs us that Goa has something on offer for everyone, including those seeking solitude

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Saving girls

Her first attempt to save a 12-year-old girl from the clutches of an abusive father failed. But that propelled Renu Singh to turn a crusader for gender justice and rescue about 3,800 girls and women in over three decades, says Partho Burman

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Milky boom

The success of Milky Mist, a dairy company, is a story linked to the big dreams of T Sathish Kumar, a class 8 drop out. P C Vinoj Kumar tells us how a 16-year-old turned his father’s floundering business around by giving it a new identity

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Missing Nobel

Winner of many awards for his social work in Mumbai slums, Jockin Arputham missed the Nobel Peace in 2014. But for people whose life he changed through his dedication, he is indeed an ‘arputham’ (miracle, in Tamil), says Kavita Kanan Chandra

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Saviour on street

Whatever job he was in, S M Venkatesh saved abandoned people from the streets. Now, his Agal Foundation works with Helpage India, responding to distress calls, quickly and efficiently, as P C Vinoj Kumar found through a snap sting operation

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Saving children

Starting with a night shelter for children of sex workers, Prerana has come a long way providing support to women stuck in Mumbai’s red light district. Kavita Kanan Chandra retraces Priti Patkar’s 28-year journey that has saved many a child

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Good ball

To counter ‘guns and drugs’, a culture that he saw abroad, Chetan Misra mentors children through football, which he believes is a tool for social and holistic development. Through ‘TheFootballLink’, he promotes the game, says Partho Burman

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