Vol 6 Issue 47, Nov 20 - 26, 2015
Green WarriorsUnsung Heroes
‘Rescued from the abyss of alcoholism’ 21:07 ( 28 Nov 2015 )
Nitish government won't last over two years: Paswan 20:28 ( 28 Nov 2015 )
PM speaks about non-discrimination, equality at 'Diwali Milan' 20:27 ( 28 Nov 2015 )
Spat with minister: Haryana transfers woman police officer 20:24 ( 28 Nov 2015 )
Chidambaram expresses fear over growing intolerance 20:21 ( 28 Nov 2015 )
Sheena murder: Peter Mukerjea undergoes lie-detector test 20:18 ( 28 Nov 2015 )
Nepal Maoists burn Indian embassy vehicle, officials say accident 20:16 ( 28 Nov 2015 )
Odisha to have super specialty heart hospital in Jharsuguda 20:13 ( 28 Nov 2015 )
IAF chief eyes Rafale deal by year-end 20:09 ( 28 Nov 2015 )
SC asks Maran to appear before CBI 21:10 ( 27 Nov 2015 )
Modi meets Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi 20:39 ( 27 Nov 2015 )
Rs.22.50 crore cash van heist solved, driver held 20:38 ( 27 Nov 2015 )
Borders can't be redrawn in Kashmir: Farooq 20:33 ( 27 Nov 2015 )
Sundarbans to become a district in 2016: Mamata 20:22 ( 27 Nov 2015 )
Arrested AAP legislator gets bail 20:20 ( 27 Nov 2015 )
'Get out!' Haryana minister tells woman officer, she stays put 20:17 ( 27 Nov 2015 )
"Can't deny previous governments' contribution to development" 20:14 ( 27 Nov 2015 )
Modi praises Ambedkar for drafting constitution without bias 20:13 ( 27 Nov 2015 )
Constitutional principles, ideals under deliberate attack: Sonia 20:42 ( 26 Nov 2015 )
India will supply 100 MW electricity to Bangladesh from Dec 16 20:22 ( 26 Nov 2015 )

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The Lead Star
adyar bakery
Mentoring Tamil Nadu

Popular Stories

New standards

You need vision, courage, and confidence to create a school, where a student is given 10 bonus marks just for asking a tough question to the teacher, which they cannot answer. Partho Burman profiles the visionary educationist, Virendra Rawat 

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Another stork tale

Fascinated by the rare Greater ‘Adjutant’ Stork in the fields on her way to school in Assam, Purnima Devi Barman grew up to learn that it has become rarer and launched a campaign to protect the species. Kavita Kanan Chandra tells the story

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Model village

Led by a woman, Zamin Devarkulam in Tamil Nadu is a model village for India. It has no fan club, party flag or liquor shop and many of its youth work abroad, says P C Vinoj Kumar, who was amazed by the security that CCTV cameras provide

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Joy to couples

Anand in Gujarat made its farmers happy through a White Revolution. Now a doctor there is making childless couples happy. P C Vinoj Kumar profiles Nayana Patel, whose fertility clinic, Akanksha, saw its 1000th child birth through surrogacy

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New life

She has worked with women in distress in Mumbai and victims of Bhopal gas tragedy. Now, her New Light is a project that has pulled children of Kolkata’s red light areas out of darkness. G Singh met Urmi Basu, a social worker extraordinaire

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Drive the PUV

A family car, a pickup truck, a mini-generator and more - all rolled into one for a genre called Personal Utility Vehicle. Partho Burman checks out the one of a kind vehicle, Multix MX, that’s been launched to meet the needs of entrepreneurs 

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Captor of moments

Forced to work in a studio at the age of nine, Prakash Tilokani picked the nuances of the art to emerge as a leading wedding photographer having top business families and Bollywood celebs as clients. Kavita Kanan Chandra chronicles his life

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Water saver

Executing water conservation projects in over 4,200 locations is no joke. But Ayyappa Masagi has done that and more to save water, says Ruchita S, who drove 119 km to find out why the much honoured man is called a ‘Doctor of Dry Borewells’  

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Reaching heights

The story of Raj Kumar Gupta reads more like a fairytale. From a mill worker to a millionaire, he has scaled great heights, starting with an apartment building in Hooghly district at a time when no one ever sold ownership flats, says G Singh

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War on porn

Claiming that there is a link between increasing incidence of rapes and other acts of sexual perversion to pornography, Kamlesh Vaswani, a lawyer from Indore, is waging a battle to get a ban on porn websites. Partho Burman spoke to the man

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