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Shah Rukh Khan’s autobiography is about positivity and hope



Vol 2 | Issue 22

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, who has been writing his autobiography since many years now, has revealed that his book is almost near completion and he would be releasing it very soon.

The book that has been christened "Twenty Years In A Decade" will focus on the life of the 45-year-old actor from the year 1991 to 2001.

"I am writing this book since more than 10 years now. It is called 'Twenty Years In A Decade' because I felt that in 10 years, I've lived a life of 20 years between 1991 to 2001. It's almost complete now and one of these days when I complete it, I will ask my writer friends to edit it and I'll release it," Shah Rukh told reporters here at an event to release Kanika Dhillon's debut novel "Bombay Duck Is A Fish".

"It's a fun book and is about positivity and hope, and it’s funny, like I am. I've written things about my life in a fun way. Very personal things are there in it, selective memories though. There is a chapter on journalism too," he said.

Although the actor has written about various facets of his life in the book, his favourite chapter remains the one that mentions his parents, who passed away when he was quite young.

When asked if he would ever venture into writing a film, Shah Rukh, who is a voracious reader, said: “That's an expert thing to do. In every film I work, my inputs are always there - but full script, I don't think I know the science or the mathematics behind it. Anyone can write a story but it’s difficult to write a screenplay."

"If I get a chance, I would like to do a course of screenplay writing for one-two months. I have read a lot of books on that but I think you need someone to teach you, to actually learn it," he said. - IANS

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