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A cricket album chants Go India Go!

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Vol 2 | Issue 10

Following the success of their Tamil cricket video cheering the Indian world cup squad, Christopher Pradeep and his team from Chennai have produced a Hindi version that may give the official theme song for the world cup, De Ghuma Ke, a run for its money.

Christopher is hoping that cricket fans will take a liking to the song. “We are trying to play it in Chepauk stadium (Chennai) during the India – West Indies match on March 20,” he revealed.

The Tamil video has become a runaway hit crossing over ten thousand views on You Tube in just over a week since it was posted. The song is being shared on social media networks in India and the US.

Positive thinking: Christopher Pradeep hopes to repeat the success of his Tamil cricket video with the Hindi version 

Twenty-eight-year old Christopher works in a BPO in Chennai, and has done background music for a couple of documentaries and short films. He was part of his school and college cricket teams and was a second division player in the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association League.

Meena Raman has written the song and the vocals are by Christopher, Mervin and Kartik. D Ramakrishnan directed and edited the video. Tritom Musicz gave their studio free of charge to the team.

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