The Weekend Leader - Story of RHR, Royal Hindu Restaurant, Coimbatore

‘A clean leaf with no wastage will get Rs 5 in return’



Vol 11 | Issue 11

A restaurant on the Coimbatore – Palakkad National Highway 544 on the outskirts of Coimbatore has introduced a novel cashback offer for customers to reduce wastage of food.

RHR Pure Veg restaurant located on the busy NH 544 offers a discount of Rs 5 on their unlimited vegetarian meals served during lunch hours if the customer leaves a ‘clean leaf.’

RHR is located on NH 544 on the outskirts of Coimbatore

The management has put up a notice with the message: “Thank you for not wasting food. A clean leaf with no wastage will get Rs 5 in return. Pls take what you need.”

Saravana Prabhu, the franchise owner of the branch, says the management launched the initiative to create awareness among the public on avoiding wastage of food.

“We charge Rs 100 for an unlimited meal, and serve the dishes any number of times,” says Prabhu. “We have achieved our objective. The initiative has been successful and most customers today take only what they want. They refuse to take items they don’t eat, which otherwise would have been served on their leaf and gone waste.”

RHR franchise owner Saravana Prabhu

This simple initiative has made the customers eat with responsibility, and can be tried in other places as well.

Additional information about RHR is that the name is an acronym for Royal Hindu Restaurant and the first outlet was started in 1931 opposite the Coimbatore Railway Station. They currently have five branches, including a couple of franchisees.

– TWL Bureau

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