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TN IPS officer grabs global attention with new management theory



Vol 3 | Issue 18

A senior IPS officer, Dr. Prateep V Philip, currently serving as ADGP (Crime), Tamil Nadu, has caught the attention of global management experts with his theory of ‘Excenomics,’ which he has proposed as “an alternative to Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Economics and Management.”

A paper he wrote on the subject for Management Innovation Exchange or MiX (, a portal floated by sixteen global players, including Mckinsey, HCL, London Business School, and Dell, has moved up on the popularity ratings out of the seven hundred odd ideas posted by practitioners and management experts including CEOs from across the world.

Philip pioneered the Friends of Police Movement in Tamil Nadu

According to Philip, “Excenomics is a new global discipline which seeks to integrate economics, management sciences and education in it to a harmonic, dynamic and workable model of human development.

“It seeks to learn from the failures of other models in helping the holistic development of individual excellence vis-a-vis the development of human societies.”

Philip’s paper on Excenomics is one of the entries for a global competition announced by MiX for ideas and practices that will help re-invent management to suit new global realities in the wake of the recent recession.

Philip holds a doctorate in management studies on the Friends of Police Movement that he pioneered in Tamil Nadu.

He had also won the inaugural Queen’s Award for Innovation in Police Training and Development. – TWL Bureau

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