Police under elected govt will be more effective, says Delhi CM

Gaurav Sharma   |  New Delhi


A police force under the control of an elected government will be more effective in its response to law and order situations, says Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, who has expressed her displeasure over the functioning of Delhi Police, especially in the wake of the Dec 16 gang-rape case.

In a detailed interview with IANS, the three-time chief minister clarified that she never asked for Delhi Police to be brought under her government, but it was her anguish over the police's failure to improve the security situation, especially for women, which drove her to write a missive to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

"I did not ask for the police. I merely said they need better training. I really can't say that I'm dying to get law and order as I have enough work on my plate," Dikshit said when asked about her wish to bring Delhi Police under her control.

In her letter, Dikshit expressed unhappiness over the slackness of Delhi Police while handling the gang-rape of a 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist in a moving bus two months ago.

"It is the government of India and parliament which will take a decision. But I do feel the response of an elected government is always quicker than a government which is far away," Dikshit told IANS.

Asked why she shot off a letter to the prime minster, Dikshit said: "What anguished me or gave me a lot of pain was when I saw that the action taken was not commensurate with the crime that has been committed. That's when I wrote that just removing a couple of cops here and there won't help."

Eight police personnel were suspended for dereliction of duty in the wake of the incident.

"We have to take a sense of responsibility," said Dikshit, while stressing that there is a need to train Delhi Police in a "people-friendly manner".

After the police baton charge on people protesting the gang-rape, Dikshit had termed police "insensitive".

"It is not that I'm personally against the police or something," she said, and termed the gang-rape incident "the real wake-up call". - IANS