The Weekend Leader - Woman Ties Rakhi To PM Modi As Huge Crowd Gathers Outside Polling Booth In Ahmedabad

Woman Ties Rakhi To PM Modi As Huge Crowd Gathers Outside Polling Booth In Ahmedabad



Photo: IANS

Enthusiastic crowds greeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he cast his vote at Nishan Vidhyala in Ahmedabad's Ranip on Tuesday.

The atmosphere at the polling booth was charged with anticipation and enthusiasm. Residents, echoing the sentiments of millions across the state, greeted the Prime Minister with chants of 'Jai Shri Ram'.

Home Minister Amit Shah welcomed PM Modi outside the polling station and presented saffron khes to him.

Amidst the throngs of supporters and well-wishers, an old woman tied a rakhi to PM Modi, symbolizing the deep-rooted bonds of respect and affection between Gujaratis and their ‘mota bhai’ Narendra Modi. The PM in return folded his hands and sought blessings.

PM Modi reciprocated this warmth by engaging with the locals and signing autographs. A local presented a painting to the PM, which he accepted readily.

The PM urged everyone to exercise their right to vote. In the earlier elections, PM Modi usually met his family members who lived in the Ranip area, but this time, it was unlikely.

In his address, PM Modi lauded the Election Commission for orchestrating a smooth and violence-free electoral process. He emphasized the importance of peaceful elections as a beacon for democracies worldwide, positioning India as a case study in election-friendly practices.

As the Prime Minister concluded his voting duties, he set his sights on Indore for the next leg of his election campaign, reflecting the pace of democratic engagement. The voting hours, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., ensure ample time for citizens to participate in shaping the nation's future.- IANS

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