The Weekend Leader - ISRO's Former Director Cites Probability Theory in Support of Possible Alien Existence

ISRO's Former Director Cites Probability Theory in Support of Possible Alien Existence



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In a recent interaction with The Weekend Leader, Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, former director of ISRO shared his insights about the mysteries of UFOs and extra-terrestrial life. 

Reflecting on the possibility of extra-terrestrial beings and UFO sightings, the renowned space scientist, who masterminded ISRO’s moon and mars missions said, “With respect to probability theory, we cannot completely rule out the existence of aliens. Even the discovery of water on the moon serves as a case in point. Previously, instruments did not detect water on the moon, leading to premature conclusions.”

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He noted that these instruments did not explore the entire lunar surface. "We only found evidence of water when we examined regions like the lunar poles. This teaches us that we cannot assert the complete characteristics of an area until we have fully explored it.”

Dr. Annadurai extended the logic to the broader universe. "Similarly, unless we explore the entire universe, we cannot definitively deny the existence of extra-terrestrial life,” he said.

He noted that thousands of locations across the universe that are similar to Earth have been observed.

“Therefore, if life has emerged here, why couldn't it emerge elsewhere? There might be life forms that are emerging, that have previously existed, or that may still exist; we simply do not know. However, without exploration, we cannot confirm these possibilities. It is probable that there is a chance for life beyond Earth, and it is something we should investigate," he concluded. - TWL Bureau

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