The Weekend Leader - EaseMyAI Secures Rs. 3 Crore in Seed Funding to Boost AI Automation

EaseMyAI Secures Rs. 3 Crore in Seed Funding to Boost AI Automation



Yaman Bharadwaj, COO (left) and Gagan Randhawa, CEO, EaseMyAI

Artificial Intelligence and automation-as-a-service platform EaseMyAI has raised Rs. 3 Crore in a Seed Round led by Inflection Point Ventures. The funds will be utilized for product development, recruiting a sales and marketing team, and expanding our distributor network.

Founded in 2022 by Gagan Randhawa (CEO & Co Founder), Yaman Bharadwaj (COO & Co founder), Surendra Sancheti (CCO & Co Founder) and Jekin Dedhia (CTO & Co Founder), together, they form a strong and dedicated founding team that has propelled EaseMyAI to success, driving its growth and innovation in the field of AI and automation.

EaseMyAI helps businesses automate tasks that used to be done manually and eliminates the possibility of mistakes. EaseMyAI uses advanced technology like artificial intelligence to understand and use information from different sources like pictures and sensors. For example, in the textile industry, they use AI to find defects in fabric and automatically fix them.

“As the technology advances across the globe, it's imperative for the businesses to use technology to its favor and make the most of it. EasemyAI’s end-to-end solution allows businesses to deploy AI based operating systems to automate their operations and processes," says Madhukar Bhardwaj, Sr. Vice President, Inflection Point Ventures.

"This creates a huge growth opportunity for the large and small companies to focus on the core business and eliminate the manual work with the EasemyAI platform. Their Business Model is highly scalable and IPV will support them to expand their services geographically with a strategic approach.”

EaseMyAI operates on a global scale with a robust distributor network spanning several countries including Sri Lanka, Bahrain, UAE, Netherlands, Singapore, and Japan. Furthermore, the company is actively planning to establish collaborations in the USA market, demonstrating its commitment to expanding its reach and impact.

EaseMyAI's strength and USP lie in its ability to facilitate digital transformation across diverse industries through a comprehensive and adaptable solution. The company not only automates processes but also provides a unique marketplace where users can access, upload, and download a variety of business use cases and services to tailor their dashboards and automate specific workflows.

“AI and IOT based automation will drive the industry 4.0 and dark warehouses. EasemyAI automation platform smoothens the digital transformation journey of enterprise where the platform is capable of handling AI models, IOT devices and 3rd party software," says Gagan Randhawa, CEO, EaseMyAI.

"This investment will help us to scale up in markets other than India especially the USA and Middle east market and turn operationally profitable within the coming months”.

The global digital transformation market is poised for significant growth, with a projected size of USD 1,548.9 billion anticipated by 2027.

This expansion is expected to occur at an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.1% throughout the forecast period, underscoring the increasing importance and adoption of digital transformation solutions across various industries worldwide. - TWL Bureau

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