The Weekend Leader - Google searches for 'Dogecoin' skyrocketed 1,992% after Musk changes Twitter's logo

Google searches for 'Dogecoin' skyrocketed 1,992% after Musk changes Twitter's logo

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Photo : IANS

Online searches for cryptocurrency 'Dogecoin' on Google skyrocketed by a whopping 1,992 per cent worldwide after Elon Musk changed Twitter's bird logo to Dogecoin's shiba inu on April 3, a new report showed on Tuesday.

The finding by Japanese online casino guide 6Takarakuji revealed that this is an increase of over 20 times the search interest compared to average levels over the last seven days.

'Buy Doge' and 'buy Dogecoin' searches also soared 1,044 and 253 per cent respectively, and Shiba Inu coin also saw a 132 per cent rise.

"Elon Musk shows his power with a single logo change. By removing the iconic Twitter bird logo, Musk demonstrates that Twitter belongs to him. The effects of his actions are evident in the surge of user interest in Dogecoin, as investors rush to buy Doge to catch any potential yields as the price shoots up. But how long will it last?" a spokesperson at 6Takarakuji said.

Moreover, the report showed that Google searches for 'Twitter' have leapt over the last seven days, rising 38 per cent as users noticed the change.

According to Google Trends data, almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of top searches for Twitter over the last seven days relate to the new logo, which has created a buzz among internet users.

Further, the report mentioned that Dogecoin's price has jumped more than 30 per cent and is now ranked the seventh most valuable cryptocurrency by, overtaking Cardano. - IANS

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