The Weekend Leader - Android 14 may change phone's share menu

Android 14 may change phone's share menu

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Photo : IANS

Google's upcoming system software update, Android 14, will reportedly change Android devices' share sheet.

The company has long been working on enhancing the share sheet, but since it can only be updated with a new Android version, progress is slow, reports Android Police.

Esper's Mishaal Rahman spotted that the tech giant developed an experimental, hidden copy of the share sheet that resides within Android 13.

It was identical to the existing share sheet in terms of appearance and functionality, however, unlike it, it was a mainline module.

As a result, it could be updated using Play Services, such as the Bluetooth stack or networking components, because it is separate from Android itself, the report said.

Last month, it was reported that the tech giant was working on a new feature for Android 14 that would allow Android devices to stay connected to the internet even after they get very old.

It would allow devices to update their root certificates, or digital certificates that belong to the issuing authority, on the fly, as root certificates on Android devices can currently only be updated via system updates. - IANS

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