The Weekend Leader - Most painful to discover that Bhavik Koladiya was among traitors: Ashneer

Most painful to discover that Bhavik Koladiya was among traitors: Ashneer

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Former BharatPe co-founder and managing director Ashneer Grover has hit out hard at Co-founders Shashvat Mansukhbhai Nakrani and Bhavik Koladiya in his book 'Doglapan', saying it was most painful for him to discover that Koladiya was "among the traitors".

Koladiya this year moved on from the fintech company to pursue other assignments.

"I was the only person who believed him and led him to attain redemption after his unsuccessful start in the US. I had allowed him to do a secondary of Rs 4 crore within months of starting BharatPe, when the company had raised only Rs 1.9 crore," Grover wrote in his book.

"Bhavik stayed in my fully furnished house in Malviya Nagar for two years without paying a single penny of rent. Madhuri gave his wife crores as loans for her to start her business. Did he start feeling left out after BharatPe became big? Or did Suhail and Sumeet use their drinking and smoking sessions to slowly poison him against me, despite his good sense telling him not to believe them?" Grover further mentioned.

On Nakrani, Grover said that he is the epitome of "doing nothing pays the most".

"Influenced by Suhail, the CEO who joined later, he has not uttered a word in any board meeting and not a single penny by any investor was put on him. With me becoming the sole face of BharatPe, he probably started feeling much smaller, and he must have been needled about this by the other plotters," Grover alleged.

"Ironically, I was the one who had shielded him from my investors while I did the heavy-lifting as he went back to IIT Delhi and completed his graduation, having dropped out of the institute earlier," he added in his book.

Facing a civil lawsuit in the Delhi High Court for Rs 88.6 crore fraud at BharatPe during his tenure, Grover earlier hit out at CEO Sameer and Chairman Rajnish Kumar. - IANS

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