The Weekend Leader - 10-year-old child becomes millionaire overnight

10-year-old child becomes millionaire overnight



Photo: IANS

A 10-year-old boy who was forced to beg after the death of his mother due to Covid-19, has turned out to be the owner of property worth crores.

His grandfather bequeathed half of his property to him before he died.

The boy's relatives had been searching for him ever since the will was written.

Mobin, a village youth, recognised him roaming on the streets of Kaliyar. He informed the boy's youngest grandfather's family who took the child to Saharanpur on Thursday.

The child has an ancestral house and five bighas of land in his village.

The boy's mother, Imrana lived in Pandoli village in Uttar Pradesh's Saharanpur district and went to her maternal home along with her son, Shahzeb in 2019 following tension with her in-laws after her husband's death.

She then reached Kaliyar with Shahzeb and could not be found by her relatives. She passed away in the pandemic leaving the child to a life of loneliness.

The boy's relatives uploaded his photo on social groups and announced a reward for anyone who could find the child.

Mobin, a distant relative of Shahzeb was in Kaliyar when he saw the child. He confirmed his identity by asking the name of his mother and village.

Shahzeb's grandfather Mohammad Yakub died about two years ago. His father Naved passed away before his mother moved to Kaliyar. - IANS

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