The Weekend Leader - Google adds Sleep Profile to its Pixel Watch

Google adds Sleep Profile to its Pixel Watch

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Google has added Sleep Profile to the Pixel Watch, giving more ways to understand user sleep information, more insight into their sleep style over time.

With this feature, users will discover how their routines and actions affect their sleep, and how to improve their sleep to get a better night's sleep.

"After a decade of analyzing over 22 billion hours of sleep data and 1.87 million sleep logs, we wanted to share what we have found to not only help you learn more about your sleep, but give you the information and tools to make it better," Google said in a blogpost.

Along with Fitbit devices, Fitbit Premium members can access their Sleep Profile in the Fitbit app on Google Pixel Watch.

Users will be provided with a comprehensive picture of their sleep patterns and habits based on the monthly analysis, which includes sleep duration, bedtime consistency, and disrupted sleep, according to the blogpost.

Furthermore, users will receive a detailed analysis of their sleep patterns compared to people of a similar age and gender, so they can improve where necessary.

For example, a giraffe, the most common type of sleeper (22.8 per cent of users), is someone who does not get a lot of sleep but sleeps solidly when they do, said the blogpost.

Among the tools users will find in Premium are optimise your day with a daily readiness score, break a sweat, keep a pulse on stress, and take a mindful minute. - IANS

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