The Weekend Leader - Top ad agency Omnicom recommends clients to pause Twitter ads

Top ad agency Omnicom recommends clients to pause Twitter ads

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Global advertising agency Omnicom Media Group has recommended its clients not to spend on Elon Musk-run Twitter's advertising campaigns amid chaos.

According to an internal memo, obtained by The Verge, the agency has suggested its clients to "pause activity on Twitter in the short term," under a note titled "Twitter - Continued Brand Safety Concerns".

The memo listed recent events that could have "potential serious implications" for businesses that run advertisements on the platform.

Additionally, the memo highlighted a number of important challenges for advertisers, including the mass layoffs of Twitter's trust and safety teams, high-profile executives' resignations, and the growth of "verified" impersonator accounts.

There is "evidence that the risk to our clients' brand safety has risen sharply to a level most would find unacceptable", the agency mentioned.

"We recommend pausing activity on Twitter in the short term until the platform can prove it has reintroduced safeguards to an acceptable level and has regained control of its environment," the memo read.

According to the report, the advertising agency has "formally requested that Twitter assure us that these issues will not impact compliant processes, operations, products, brand safety and client investment on the platform in any way" but that "seemingly due to the lack of senior leadership now in these areas, Twitter has not been able to give those assurances". - IANS

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