Fire breaks out at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, locals call to stop production



Photo: IANS

A major fire broke out at the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin after a significant pile of cardboard and wood caught fire in the factory's recycling facility.

Tesla's own fire brigade at Gigafactory Berlin called the local fire department of the municipality of Grunheide at 3.33, where the factory is located, for help on Monday morning, reports the auto-tech website Electrek.

According to information from the Oderland regional office, 800 cubic meters of paper, cardboard, and wood reportedly caught fire, resulting in the blaze.

Fortunately, no one was injured and the fire did not propagate to other parts of the factory, the report said.

However, now detractors of the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin project are calling for a production stop due to the fire.

While locals mostly welcomed the project, there was a decent amount of people who objected to Tesla establishing a factory at the location due to the impact on the local environment and especially on the drinkable water supply.

Now one of the groups still fighting the project, the citizens' initiative Grunheide, is calling for an immediate production halt. - IANS

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