Traffic mismanagement on CM route irks motorists



Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, who stays at her bungalow in Siruthavur, about 50 km from Chennai, has been using the scenic East Coast Road (ECR) that connects Chennai and Puducherry to commute to work.

Traffic is not stopped on both sides of the road whenever she travels on ECR. This is in stark contrast to her earlier days in power, especially during her first term as CM (1991-96) when traffic used to come to a standstill much before she passed by.

It was reported soon after she returned to power in 2011 that Jayalalithaa had instructed the police not to stop traffic and cause inconvenience to the general public during her travel.

While the police have apparently followed orders, it is now reported that police do not permit vehicle users to take U-turns several minutes before arrival of the chief minister’s convoy causing great inconvenience to motorists and also contributing to wastage of fuel.

For instance, one has to travel from Vettuvankeni to Injambakkam, a distance of nearly 2 km to take a U turn whenever the CM uses the road.

No signboards warn the motorist about the circuitous route. There are just rude policemen directing motorists to keep going ahead.

While it gives a semblance of normalcy to Jayalalithaa when she passes by, she remains unaware of the suffering it causes to other road users.

Residents hope the matter reaches the ears of the chief minister. – TWL Bureau