The Weekend Leader - Delhi 2022 civic polls: Congress grasping at straws

Delhi 2022 civic polls: Congress grasping at straws

New Delhi



The Congress, which secured the highest vote share in the Chandigarh municipal polls, will be fighting for its existence in the 2022 Delhi municipal polls.

Delhi municipal polls are like 'straw' for the Congress which can help the grand-old-party strengthen its foundation and make future strategy.

Delhi Congress chief Anil Kumar said: "Even today, the Congress stands with its ideology. In a contest, one wins while another loses. On this basis, the party is weak but on the basis of ideology, Congress is the biggest party of the country. I have faith on my ideology, leaders and party workers."

"The Congress has helped people during the pandemic. Helping people despite facing defeat...We are working on the agenda of our party veterans and 2022 will not be only good for us but for Delhiites too.

"If we talk about vote share, in the Chandigarh Municipal polls, Congress is number one. Congress has bagged 29.79 per cent votes, the BJP 29.30 per cent while AAP 27.08 per cent.

This time the Congress has bagged eight seats while in 2016 municipal polls, it had bagged four, though then the corporation used to have 26 seats instead of 35," he added.

In the 2017 Delhi Municipal polls, the BJP had bagged the highest number of votes -- 38.59 per cent votes in East Delhi, 35.96 per cent in North Delhi and 35.88 per cent votes in South Delhi.

AAP had bagged highest number of votes 27.98 per cent in North Delhi Municipal Corporation, Congress secured highest 22.74 per cent votes in East Delhi.

Delhi Congress media committee chairman Anil Bhawdwaj said: "2022 will be the year of change, because as people of Delhi have got only fake promises, inflation, unemployment and disease. Delhi is a place which gives employment to people coming from hundreds of kilometres far away."

"The development which was done during Sheila Dikshit ji's tenure has stopped. People have seen that in the past 15 years, corporation has become synonymous to corruption.

Last time, the BJP changed the candidates. If they were performing well, then what was the need for the change?" Bhardwaj asked.

He further said:" Congress has seen many ups and downs, but it has emerged stronger. Congress will perform well in the municipal polls as people are tired of the BJP and the AAP.

In the 2017 Municipal polls, the BJP had bagged absolute majority securing 181 seats, the AAP stood second with 48 seats, Congress 30 while other 11.

Talking about Delhi Congress situation, former minister Dr Kiran Walia said: "I am saddened to see Delhi's plight. The AAP and the BJP are adept at campaigning. I have worked in close coordination in the Sheila Dikshit government. We never campaigned then."

"Many MLAs wanted campaigning during opening of new schools but Sheila ji said that till three schools are set up, campaigning will not be held. She did not want extra expenditure. Had there been no metro and buses, what would have happened to Delhi? she asked.

Earlier, in the Delhi municipal corporation bypolls, of the five wards, AAP won four, while Congress bagged one.

But Congress leaders said that since party's vote percentage has increased in the bypolls, it is likely to get benefitted in the municipal polls.

As municipal polls are nearing, Councillors have also started switching parties. Recently, the Congress received a big jolt when party councillor in North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) Mukesh Goel joined the Aam Aadmi Party.

It's not only Congress councillors who have have hopped to other parties, few AAP councillors have also switched to the Congress.

In 2012, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) was divided into three -- North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), South Delhi Municial Corporation (SDMC) and East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC).

After this exercise, the 2012 municipal polls witnessed a tough contest between the BJP and the Congress.

Of the 272 seats, the BJP had bagged 138 seats, the Congress 77, the BSP 13 while others secured 41. -IANS

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