The Weekend Leader - Passengers in Delhi Metro limited to 200 per 8-coach train

Passengers in Delhi Metro limited to 200 per 8-coach train

New Delhi



To limit the number of sitting passengers to 50 per cent of its original capacity, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) announced on Thursday that the number of passengers per 8-coach train will be capped at 200 from the usual 2,400.

The Delhi Metro is currently operating at 50 per cent of its seating capacity after the Delhi government issued 'Yellow Alert' to check the spread of the Covid virus.

An 8-coach train can generally carry about 2,400 passengers, which comprise approximately 50 seating passengers and 250 standing passengers per coach.

With present restrictions of 50 per cent seating and no standing, each coach can now accommodate only about 25 passengers, DMRC said in a release, adding, "Therefore, an 8-coach train can now accommodate approximately 200 passengers only."

It is less than 10 per cent of a train's normal carrying capacity.

"Therefore, travel only if absolutely essential. Also, keep extra time in your commute by the Metro as entry has to be regulated to ensure compliance with the guidelines, which is resulting in queue's outside the stations," it added.

The move came after long queues were seen outside different Metro stations across Delhi. -IANS

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