The Weekend Leader - Reliance Brands Limited invests in Anamika Khanna's 'AK-OK'

Reliance Brands Limited invests in Anamika Khanna's 'AK-OK'

New Delhi



Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) and Indian couturier Anamika Khanna have joined hands for a 60:40 Joint Venture (either by itself and / or through its affiliates) for owning and developing the brand AK-OK, setting the foundation for a new outlook in Indian fashion.

"As India's largest luxury retailer, RBL's learnings from operating a wide retail network across its group companies and experience of building a diverse portfolio of luxury to premium brands will come in good stead to steer AK-OK as one of the most recognisable new age brand globally. It also allows for me to have fun with the brand while exploring boundless future possibilities together", said Anamika Khanna.

AK-OK was born out of a deeply personal story in a time of crisis and Anamika Khanna's sons Viraj and Vishesh's determination to re-write the narrative to one of optimism and acceptance - "Don't worry, everything will be AK-OK" started it all.

Keeping with its genesis, the label started with an attitude of deconstructing everything that was "meant to be" and accepting what "could be". With age and gender agnostic design philosophy, AK-OK evolved in recognition of rapidly changing lifestyles � where dressing for "day" v/s "night" was linear. It builds a world where it is completely okay to bring together the luxurious and the relaxed, to create a distinct personal take on style and not be dictated by trends or "others".

There is also an underlying romanticism in the ethos of AK-OK - about life - about not being afraid - of being out there. While the brand originates in India and holds intricate Indian nuances, every collection from AK-OK galvanizes design quirks and interesting silhouettes that transcend geographies.

"The partnership with Anamika Khanna pivots around our recognition of homegrown talent's growing popularity and appeal, both in India and globally. Known for her eponymous label, Anamika Khanna is well recognised for encapsulating India's rich craft in global contours. We are excited to partner with Anamika's AK-OK brand journey right from its early days and present a unique design philosophy to Indian and global consumers. Indian fashion brands are a strategic part of our luxury portfolio and with this partnership we are adding another design powerhouse to our growing repertoire of fashion brands", said Isha Ambani, Director, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd. (holding company of all retail companies in Reliance Industries Limited group). -IANS

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