The Weekend Leader - Actor Mansoor Ali Khan's boat ride in Chennai floodwaters makes a splash

Actor Mansoor Ali Khan's boat ride in Chennai floodwaters makes a splash




A video clip in which well known Tamil actor Mansoor Ali Khan is seen singing a song, while paddling a makeshift boat outside his home in floodwaters, is fast garnering attention on social media.

The video clip, put out by the actor on Saturday, shows him using a bath tub for a boat and paddling in the water that has flooded the area around his home.

With no respite from heavy rains, several parts of Chennai have been flooded. Even as a red alert was again issued for the city, water levels continued to rise in several parts of Chennai, throwing normal life out of gear.

Chennai, which is yet to recover from the battering it received from the previous spell, has been receiving consistent heavy rainfall from Friday. More intense showers have been predicted for the city, which is already struggling to deal with the deluge.

To highlight the difficult situation he finds himself in, the actor took to paddling in a makeshift boat. Says a source close to the actor, "The video he has put out is just outside his home in Nungambakkam. Water levels have risen in the area and he's looking to stress the difficulty that he's facing."

While paddling the 'boat', Mansoor Ali Khan sings a song in Tamil, the first line of which means, "If at all one is born, one must be born in Tamil Nadu and float in Chennai..." - IANS

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