The Weekend Leader - Top CPI-M leader defends Kerala child body in 'missing' baby case

Top CPI-M leader defends Kerala child body in 'missing' baby case




A top Kerala CPI-M leader in the state capital on Thursday staunchly defended the general secretary of the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare (KSCCWC)- Shiju Khan and gave him a clean chit in the manner in which the 4-day-old baby of Anupama and Ajith was given in adoption to a Andhra couple, last year.

Speaking to the media here, Thiruvananthapuram district CPI-M secretary Anavoor Nagappan categorically said, Khan has done no wrong.

"Just because some people are on protest demanding the ouster of Khan, means nothing. Till date there has been no knowledge of any wrongdoing by him and hence there will be no action against him or any one. I am not aware of any report which is submitted to the government and I neither know the contents of it, if it has been submitted," said Nagappan.

A family court on Wednesday evening handed over the one-year-old baby boy which was given in adoption by the state backed AKSCCW headed by general secretary Shiju Khan and Child Welfare Committee chairperson N. Sunanda, to Anupama and Ajith.

The Congress led Opposition led by V.D. Satheesan on Wednesday slammed Vijayan and other top leaders of the CPI-M and alleged that they had a role in the "missing baby" case and accused them of "child trafficking" and not adoption.

Reacting to Nagappan's statement, Anupama said there is no doubt why Nagappan is staunchly supporting Khan and others.

"He is supporting them because, he too would have a role in all this. Moreover I don't think Nagappan's words are the last and final words of the CPI-M or the state government and now the government should reply," said Anupama.

Meanwhile, Anupama and her team who ended her 14 days protest before the KSCCW office, soon after the court handed over the baby to her said their protest will now enter the next phase and the details of it will be announced soon, as they will not budge until action is taken against Khan and Sunanda.

The fight to get her child back swung in Anupama's way as the DNA test result came positive on Tuesday, after the baby was brought here from Andhra Pradesh on Sunday night. -IANS

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