The Weekend Leader - SP asks cadres to revive pledge to uphold party constitution

SP asks cadres to revive pledge to uphold party constitution




The Samajwadi Party has issued a circular to its cadres asking them to revive their pledge to uphold the constitution of the party, based on the democratic, secular and socialist framework of Indian statute, on November 26 which is observed as the 'Samvidhan Diwas' (Constitution Day).

The party has asked its cadres to focus on Chapter 2 of the SP constitution which deals with 'aims and objectives' of the party and talks of opposing any idea of state based on religious belief.

It also lays emphasis on preferential status to women, schedule caste, minorities and backwards.

The SP circular comes days after the Allahabad High Court stated that the Uniform Civil Code was a necessity and called upon the Central government to forthwith initiate the process for its implementation.

The HC observations came while hearing a bunch of 17 petitions filed by interfaith couples, who contracted marriage upon conversion, seeking protection of their life, liberty and privacy guaranteed under Article 21.

"On the directions of Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav, party workers, leaders and office-bearers in every district of the state will observe the Constitution Day on November 26 to revive their pledge to uphold section 2 of the party constitution and the spirit of Indian Constitution," said a party functionary.

Section (1) - Chapter 2 of the party's constitution says that the party will have complete faith and dedication in the Indian Constitutions and its very basis comprising a democratic, secular and socialist framework. The party will believe and always support an administrative set up which has decentralisation of financial and political governance as an essential part of it.

Sub section (2) talks about parties' resolve to oppose the idea of a state based on religion and bars any individual or organisation supporting or propagating the idea of a state based on religion in any shape or form, from being a member of the party.

Sub section (3) talks of preferential treatment to women, Dalits, minorities and backwards and the last and final section of the chapter deals in detail with SP workers showing complete faith in all aspects of the Indian Constitution. -IANS

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