The Weekend Leader - Chandrababu resorted to theatrics, says Jagan

Chandrababu resorted to theatrics, says Jagan




Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday said that the opposition TDP was trying to politicise all issues, and also alleged that Leader of Opposition N. Chandrababu Naidu was resorting to theatrics.

The Chief Minister was reacting to Naidu staging a walkout from Assembly and later breaking down at a news conference, alleging that MLAs of ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) humiliated him by making personal comments on his wife.

He said when a serious discussion on Agriculture was going on, and he was holding a review meeting on the rescue and relief operations in the rain-hit areas, Naidu resorted to theatrics.

It is very unfortunate, he told the Assembly, that the Opposition leader resorted to theatrics instead of giving constructive suggestions to the government. His agenda seems to be politicising every issue and the way he talked and conducted himself appears to be a drama, Reddy said.

The Chief Minister said Naidu was speaking incoherently and out of context as he is in frustration after the continuous reversals at the hustings with people rejecting him.

"When the discussion on Agriculture was going on, I was at a conference with collectors and monitoring the situation due to heavy rains in southern districts of the state, he said. Deviating from the subject, I was told that Chandrababu Naidu spoke irrelevant issues and when there must be a retort from this side as well. But the words Chandrababu Naidu told while walking out did not come from this side. They only said about the murder of Vangaveeti Ranga, Madhava Reddy and the suicide note of Mallela Babji," Reddy said.

"On verifying records, it was he who spoke about my uncle, my mother and sister it all came from that side as per the Assembly records. When he speaks that way, there would be a retort and Chandrababu Naidu has over-reacted and walked out of frustration. He didn't know what he was talking," the Chief Minister added.

Reddy said YSRCP will be in power as long as they have the blessings of God and people. His friendly media may put up stories and spin false versions distorting facts, he said.

"I was saddened with his words about my uncle. It is our family matter and he is trying to bring in family names out of context. He was the person who spent huge money to defeat my uncle and manipulate the results. He must be having a grudge on my uncle and when he is killed, he has been taking names from our family which saddens me," he said.

"No matter how many conspiracies the opposition has been making, God is watching from above and as long as there are blessings of the people no one can stop us," he added.- IANS

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