The Weekend Leader - India PC market saw 4.5mn unit shipments in Q3, HP leads

India PC market saw 4.5mn unit shipments in Q3, HP leads

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The Indian traditional PC market inclusive of desktops, notebooks, and workstations saw 4.5 million unit shipments in the third quarter (Q3) this year despite ongoing supply challenges, a new report revealed on Thursday.

According to International Data Corporation's (IDC), the traditional PC shipments witnessed a 30 per cent year-over-year (YoY) growth in Q3 2021 (Jul-Sep), marking the fifth consecutive quarter of growth in India.

"Despite the better allocations to a few segments, the demand-supply gap continues to be a challenge as enterprises and SMBs continue to order in big volume," Bharath Shenoy, Senior Market Analyst, PC Devices, IDC India, said in a statement.

Notebook PCs continue to dominate the overall category with more than 80 per cent share. Enterprise and consumer demand helped the Notebook category to reach over 3 million units for the first time, and the desktop category also continued its upward momentum as it grew by 30.5 per cent YoY in 3Q21.

HP maintained its lead in the overall PC category as it reported the third consecutive quarter with over a million shipments in the country. It led both commercial and consumer segments with a 28.5 per cent share in the overall PC category, while it maintained over 30 per cent share in the commercial segment for the third straight quarter, its share fell to 25.3 per cent in the consumer segment despite its consumer shipments growing 22.5 per cent YoY in 3Q21.

Dell Technologies retained the second position with over 23.8 per cent share in the overall PC category. The vendor had a consistent inflow of supplies during the quarter that helped it register its first quarter in India with over a million shipments. It also overtook Lenovo in the consumer segment to take second place with a share of 19.2 per cent in 3Q21.

Lenovo maintained the third position with an overall share of 18.6 per cent in 3Q21. Its shipments grew 19 per cent YoY in the commercial segment on account of a strong performance in the SMB and enterprise segments. However, its consumer segment saw a marginal 3.4 per cent YoY growth during the quarter.- IANS

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