The Weekend Leader - Stalin calls for solidarity among southern states in resource usage

Stalin calls for solidarity among southern states in resource usage




Pointing out the common culture, cuisine, weather and others amongst the Southern states, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has called for solidarity in utilising the limited resources in a judicious manner.

In his speech on Sunday that was read out at the Southern Zonal Council meeting held in Tirupati, Stalin told the participants from the neighbouring state: "Our culture has a lot of similarities. We have grown by our policy of inclusiveness. We have common cuisine, weather and shared values."

"Solidarity among us is crucial in utilising the limited resources available with us in a judicious manner. Unnecessary litigations and needless conflicts will result in unwanted animosity that may hinder our progress. The universal language of love can dissolve all problems and make us march in the path of progress unitedly," he said.

Stalin also urged the Central government to declare the classical language Tamil as an official language of the country as it is one of the world's oldest and rich languages.

He pointed out Tamil is already a National Language in Sri Lanka and Singapore, and a minority language in Malaysia and South Africa, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi never misses to quote verses from Tamil literature in his speeches in order to embellish an argument.

"We also request the Union Government to declare Thirukkural as a National Book, that signifies its secular couplets with capsules of wisdom," Stalin said.

Tamil Nadu always trusts in cooperative federalism with strong patriotic fervour with equal emphasis on the rights of the State and their autonomy. It is second to none in contributing towards National integration and upholding the principles of unity, he said.

It strongly believes that the beauty of India lies in its multiculturalism and its inclusiveness that has been nurtured from time immemorial, Stalin remarked.-IANS

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