The Weekend Leader - Beijing residents on trips asked to delay return amid Covid surge

Beijing residents on trips asked to delay return amid Covid surge

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The Beijing Health Commission on Monday alerted residents not to leave the Chinese capital unless necessary amid the Covid-19 flare-ups and asked residents who have not returned to the city to postpone the schedule, the Global Times reported.

If there is "time and space overlap" with the travel schedule of the reported cases, please report it to the community (village) work unit and hotel immediately, stay in self-isolation and cooperate with various control measures, the Commission said.

People who have not returned to Beijing should postpone their return and cooperate with local prevention and control measures, it added.

Epidemiologists said the reason why Beijing adopted such prevention and control policies is that the flare-up this time features overlapping networks.

The latest Covid-19 flare-up has affected at least 16 provincial-level regions in Chinese mainland so far.

Those who have not returned to Beijing for business or tourism should take good personal protection and pay close attention to the epidemic information in other regions, the Commission said.

People under the closed-off management and among high-risk clusters should stay indoors and take nucleic acid tests in accordance with the requirements. They should report any physical abnormalities during medical observation and seek medical attention as required, the commission said, the Global Times report said.

The Chinese capital reported zero new domestic-transmitted cases and silent carriers on Sunday.

Nonetheless, the health authority reminded the public to strengthen their own health monitoring.

"If you have fever, cough and other symptoms, please do not have meals together or participate in parties, go to the fever clinic of a nearby hospital as soon as possible, do not take medicine on your own, so as not to delay the treatment opportunity," the Commission said.

The move comes after the city has tightened its policy of entering and returning to Beijing. Some analysts believe that the measures are also designed for ensuring the safety of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the report said - IANS

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