The Weekend Leader - Malayalam film star Joju George, Congress workers clash

Malayalam film star Joju George, Congress workers clash




It was not a regular action movie scene one saw on Monday, rather a real-life incident when popular actor Joju George was seen engaged in a verbal clash with protesting Youth Congress workers in Kerala as he was upset on being held up on the streets for a long time.

The Youth Congress workers had organised a protest on the frequent hike in fuel prices.

Following George's outburst, the protesting workers damaged his vehicle and had it not been for the timely intervention of the police who took him away, things would have gone out of hand.

Angry Congress workers vented their ire after the star who they claim misbehaved with women workers, and they have now registered a complaint against him alleging he was under the influence of alcohol.

Aishwarya Dongre, Kochi DCP, said George has now been taken to the police station and he will have to undergo a medical test.

George meanwhile has filed a complaint against the protesters for damaging his vehicle.

Meanwhile State Congress president K. Sudhakaran said the behaviour of George is not acceptable.

"We have been told that he misbehaved with our women workers. The police has to register a case against the actor for his immature behaviour," said Sudhakaran.

An angry George said this is not the way to protest, when innocent people are held up for hours on the roads.

"I am an actor and I was going for my work. Protests are fine, but what did the people, including me who are going to various places do? This sort of protests will do no good and these types of protests should not happen. The law is very clear that roads should not be blocked. There was a cancer patient ahead of me and he was going for chemotherapy. Yes, I reacted seeing the hapless situation because I was fed up seeing the situation and no one needs to politicise this. I was abused by the workers and I have nothing against any political party including Congress. If this protest was by the CPI-M, I would have done the same. I am not under the influence of alcohol," said George.

George is a state film award winner and also received a National Special Mention Award for his role in the film 'Chola - IANS

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