Facebook, Twitter abuzz with Afzal

New Delhi


As parliament attack convict Afzal Guru was executed here Saturday morning, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter saw a deluge of comments with many expressing delight while some condemning the capital punishment.

"This is a tribute to the victims of the parliament attack I am happy to hear this news. It made my day," tweeted Anurag Gupta, a theatre artist from Delhi.

"With Guru's hanging law has come a full circle. Justice delayed but not denied for a change," Shaleen Khan, a Mumbai-based advertising professional, posted on Facebook.

"Glad to hear the news about Afzal Guru. Terrorists must learn a lesson from this," Alka Singh from Lucknow posted on Facebook.

Sandhya Patil from Ahmedabad smelt a conspiracy. "Kasab hanged just before winter session...Afzal Guru hanged just before budget session! Coincidence?" she tweeted.

Activist Kiran Bedi tweeted: "Afzal Guru case needed a closure. It disturbs some and settles others! Always damned if u do, doomed if you don't! Governance is tough!"

However, author Taslima Nasreen did not support the capital punishment.

"Execution is the most easy task for the authority, let's force them to make the society better so that no Kasab, Guru, mullah can be born again."

Some saw the lighter side of the situation.

Ramesh Srivats from Bangalore tweeted: "Afzal Guru hanged. His career - started in parliament, ended in Tihar Jail. Familiar path."

"With #AfzalGuru we have now killed the last person who had conspired to enter parliament to do some work," tweeted Joy Das. - IANS