The Weekend Leader - Wild elephant tramples Kerala woman to death

Wild elephant tramples Kerala woman to death




In a tragic incident, a 36-year-old woman was trampled to death by a wild elephant in Kerela's Idukki district on Friday.

According to the locals, the incident took place around 5.30 a.m. at Shankarapandyamettil, when Mahendrakumar and his wife Viji were on their way to the nearby Tamil Nadu border on a bike.

When the bike reached Shankarapandyamettil, where there is a bend in the form of 'S' and it was a misty early morning, Mahendrakumar was startled to see an elephant in the middle of the road.

Scared by the sight of it, he quickly tried to turn the bike and in the process lost control, and both of them fell on the road. Before they could get up, the wild elephant trampled Viji. Her husband failed to do anything and had to run away as the elephant came after him also.

The body of Viji was later moved to the nearby Adimali Government hospital where the autopsy will be conducted.

Both of them were labourers in the local tea estate - IANS

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