The Weekend Leader - 3rd UAE plane with humanitarian aid lands in Kabul

3rd UAE plane with humanitarian aid lands in Kabul




A third plane from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) carrying humanitarian aid landed at the Kabul airport, following which the cargo was delivered to the Taliban leadership, the media reported.

"They are supporting us so those in need will receive the aid," TOLO News quoted Yousuf Ahmadi, a spokesman for the Taliban, as saying on Friday shortly after the flight arrived in the Afghan capital.

The humanitarian aid, consisting of food and medicine, will continue coming to Kabul until the end of September, according to Haji Obaidullah, head of the Association of Afghan Businessmen in the UAE.

Earlier this week Bahrain sent 30 tons of food and medicine to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Abdul Hadi Hamdan, who is in charge of Kabul airport, said that food, clothing and medicine provided by various countries had arrived at the airport, and he said the airport will soon become operational for civilian flights as well.

"So far, those flights that carry humanitarian aid have landed at the airport," Hamdan said.

Meanwhile, officials of the Pakistan Consulate in Kandahar say that 12 tonnes of food and medicine provided by Islamabad arrived in the city on Friday.

"More of such support will arrive. And we hope trade between the two countries also should increase," said Naeem Khan, Pakistan General Consul in Kandahar.

Following the collapse of Kabul and the disruption of aid to Afghanistan, a few countries, including the UAE, Bahrain and Pakistan, have started sending humanitarian aid - IANS

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